ITSI for FE Colleges

A smarter way to learn

anywhere, anytime, even offline

How can ITSI help my college?

Colleges want to deliver a complete learning experience across all their learners, how can ITSI help?

We help colleges to deliver curriculum content whether it be for degree courses, A Levels, vocational courses and apprenticeships. This content can be commercially or college produced eBooks which are combined with tutors own content to deliver a personalised learning experience. Learners are able to access and engage with the content in learning spaces inside the college, at home or in the workplace as it is available offline.

How can colleges deliver more for less whilst still achieving more effective outcomes for learners?

With ITSI, colleges can leverage the investment students make in technology and turn those devices into readily available learning environments by accessing the miEbooks app with all of the content assigned to them by the college for their course or module. Learning can take place anywhere and analytics give insight into effective teaching practice and learning outcomes. Colleges can create and quality assure their own content whilst giving tutors the ability to personalise it in response to their approach to a subject or their cohort of learners to bring learning to life. Money spent on photocopying can not only be saved but the student experience enhanced.

How can colleges enhance and enrich the student experience?

ITSI enables learners to more deeply engage with the content using a number of teaching and learning tools to support their studies. Curriculum content is made more interactive with the addition of video, audio, flashcards or the presentation slides used as part of lectures. Students no longer need to search out this content as it is driven to them to engage their learning. They can have a deeper engagement with the content by adding their own notes and highlights and the fragmentation of content is minimised by having it all in one place so the learning process becomes more effective. Analytics give the college, educator and student greater insight into their learning journey.

Colleges want to attract and retain learners – how can ITSI help?

With ITSI, colleges can augment the high quality contact time they provide with their own personalised approach to curriculum content so that they can offer students a unique experience which they can access inside or outside any college campus, from home or accessing relevant learning as part of their apprenticeship or training. ITSI’s analytics give insight into learner engagement and enable colleges to take appropriate interventions to reduce dropouts or provide more stretch.


Insightful user-analytics


Easy content sharing, enhancement, and customisation


Integrates with any LMS


Access thousands of e-books from leading publishers around the globe


Self-publish content


Customised training and support

The ITSI Platform works within any learning environment, with any content, on any device and provides a state of the art, flexible solution for 21st-century education. It makes learning visible by providing rich data on learner engagement with textbooks, multimedia content and assessments.

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