ITSI for Schools

A smarter way to learn

How can ITSI help my school?

Helping Save Teachers Time & Reduce Workload

By using Textbooks teachers are able to spend less time researching and generating content. Self-marking assessments based on the content are an important time saver in any teachers day.

The Curriculum Has Become More Challenging

Students are able to access and annotate all of their curriculum content. ITSI learning tools help students to develop and build their knowledge. Flashcards built upon the content support spaced learning and retrieval practice.

Improving the ROI of Investments in Technology

Instead of becoming another “digital dumping” ground, the ITSI solution adds contextualised pedagogic value to these investments. Give devices – Microsoft, Apple or Google – a learning purpose across all subject areas.

Schools Need to Reduce Costs & Enhance the Student Experience

How does ITSI help? Enabling teachers to “automagically” push digital content to student. This enables a typical school to significantly reduce the £50,000 to £100,000 per annum they spend on photocopy and print costs.

How Can Teachers Gain Insight Into A Students Learning Journey?

ITSI provides teachers with access to analytics which enables teachers to identify patterns and correlations between, time and activities and outcomes of their students. Combining these with automatically marked tests and quizzes, teachers gain insights into the effort and progress of each student.


User-analytics for personalised teaching and learning


World class technology, stand-alone or as an enhancement to your current e-learning platform


Formative assessments with instant results


Free e-reader app with access to thousands of high-quality e-books from leading publishers


Easy content sharing


Interactive e-books with own customisation and enhancement

The ITSI Platform works within any learning environment, with any content, on any device and provides a state of the art, flexible solution for 21st-century education. It makes learning visible by providing rich data on learner engagement with textbooks, multimedia content and assessments.

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