ITSI for Training Providers

How can ITSI help training providers?

As a training provider, you want to offer flexible access to learning whilst maintaining quality, how can ITSI help?

With the ITSI solution, training providers and corporate trainers are able to create and develop their own quality assured documentation and learning resources which learners can access in a classroom setting but also access those same resources – offline – for learning in their own time or on the job. As the miEbooks app is available on all major platforms, Windows, Apple and Google, learners can access curriculum content on the device of their choice. Once the learning materials have been created they can be added to in response to any changes in content – for example changes in best practice or legislation in near real time.

With less time available for face to face learning opportunities, how can training providers ensure that learning carries on outside of any in-person training?

With the ability to add additional learning resources remotely to the required curriculum content, trainers can ensure that content is available long after in person training enabling learners to revisit the content as well as being able to take ownership of their own learning by providing the ability to engage deeper with the content and to add their own learning resources. Built in teaching and learning tools based on evidence based research provide the best opportunity for learning to be applied.

How can providers reduce costs at the same time as improving effectiveness?

By delivering a blended learning experience, providers can reduce the participation costs of in-person delivery. With a central repository of quality assured content, providers can create content once and re-purpose to suit the learning need. This helps reduces costs whilst at the same time removing inconsistencies from training experiences and materials. Should any changes be required the content can be updated once centrally and any changes will be automatically distributed to all learners ensuring the most up to date learning resources are available at any time and can be accessed away from the classroom.

How can providers show the impact of training or ensure compliance with mandatory training requirements to meet company or legislative requirements?

With powerful analytics, ITSI helps providers to monitor the progress and understanding of their learners. Learning managers are able to show the engagement of learners with the resources that have been provided. They can demonstrably show the amount of time learners have spent on their learning as well as the specific resources they have accessed – even when the learning has taken place offline. Providers can evidence  that relevant or compliance materials have been accessed. By using the inbuilt assessment tools, not only can access be shown but also evidence the learners understanding of the materials. To support a need to be able to retain and recall this learning and apply it within their job or training, tools such as flash cards can be used to space the learning.