ITSI for Tertiary Education

A smarter way to learn
anywhere, anytime, even offline

How can ITSI help my university?

With the increase in external accountability measures – Office for Students, TEF, NSS, to name a few – universities want to be able to offer the best overall experience for students, how can ITSI help?

Quality of teaching is the biggest determinant in students perceptions of their university experience, ITSI helps support academic staff in its delivery. For example, the most important requirement students identify is access to learning resources, ITSI enables Universities to make these available, whether they are essential texts together with, for example, lecture notes, before, during or after contact hours, independent study time and away from university. Students learning is more efficient when they have access to their learning tools on a device of their choice so ITSI is available across all platforms – Windows, Google and Apple.


There has been a large increase in the growth and choice in admissions available to students, how can ITSI help us to attract students?

Institutions and course leaders are keen to offer unique reasons to study at their university or on their course, however, increasingly they are seeking to differentiate this further so that in addition to the quality and hours of contact time on offer, through ITSI they are also able to include access to essential course ebooks – commercial or institution produced and either institution or student funded – which are then augmented and personalised with additional digital content that is timely and contextual. This could be lecture notes, presentations, video and audio resources or links to other web sources or online resources such as Google Drive or OneNote. In doing so, they are able to provide a truly unique value to current and prospective students.


The majority of students agree they are more independent in their learning when digital is used whilst at the same time undergraduates expectations of directed learning is not met, how can ITSI help?

ITSI enables academic staff to support independent directed learning. By making available course specific content they have quality assured in the form of commercially or institution produced ebooks for learners and augmenting this with their own digitally available content or sources, academics are able to scaffold and direct learning which students then undertake by themselves on or offline, on or off campus. By having permanent access to curriculum content together with their own notes and files, scholarship can be supported to be both independent and organised.


How can ITSI help us to retain students or to better direct their learning?

ITSI’s analytics give insight into learner engagement and enables universities to take appropriate interventions to reduce course dropouts. These combined with the results of formative assessments can help support academic staff on the level and pace of learning gain of their students and to adjust their teaching accordingly.


We already offer digital solutions such as our VLE why is this different?

ITSI can be used to complement your existing solution – we have integrations with academic VLE providers – or be used as a stand-alone solution. A traditional VLE requires course leaders to develop or organise all of their content and when done well this can be a great help to students. Unfortunately, this is not always the case which can be for a number of reasons including pressures of time or available skills and this can result in a “digital dumping ground” rather than an optimal blended learning experience. ITSI provides our teaching and learning solution in a different way, academic staff are able to use a book as the foundation of their course and then seamlessly add their own personalised content including assessments by dragging and dropping them contextually alongside the book’s content which is automagically distributed to all of their learners on their course, learners don’t have to mine for relevant course content “your content finds you”.


Insightful user-analytics


Integrates with any LMS


Easy content sharing, enhancement, and customisation


Access thousands of e-books from leading publishers around the globe


Self-publish content


Customised training and support

The ITSI Platform works within any learning environment, with any content, on any device and provides a state of the art, flexible solution for 21st-century education. It makes learning visible by providing rich data on learner engagement with textbooks, multimedia content and assessments.

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